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Zerocool is the next evolution in music. Times have changed, people have changed. The next wave in human development, is that of the l337. This is z3r0C00l. l337 music for l337 people. This band has existed in different incarnations, only to truly come together at 1/1/2001, the real beginning of the millenium. Three young hackers realized that there was nowhere else to go after the computer web had been mastered, nowhere to turn their elite attention to. They realized music was their next goal to triumph. They were the best at computers, so why not be the best at music? The head of the band, aC1dBUrN found himself a l337 drummer by the name of crashoverride in the Counterstike forums, there they forged a bond that only linux could possibly break. Finally, they found a bassplayer by the name of hacker666758, the most brutal, the most evil bassplayer any band could find. Their name? The only name that would be worthy of such an elite group of musicians. That name is z3r0c00L.